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by Scheffsache
02 September 2014, 12:42
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Topic: other chapters in multiplayer
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other chapters in multiplayer


can we also play as/with other chapters in multiplayer coop games?
For myself i like the space wolves!
by Scheffsache
06 March 2014, 13:52
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Console release?
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Re: Console release?

yeah to convert games from pc to consoles reduces the qualitiy of pc games. there are enough examples :( but i bought a pc for only 600 euros and i can Play almost every game on mid / max Details. you should try to buy not a complete pc. buy the parts and install the Hardware yourself. or ask a frie...
by Scheffsache
06 March 2014, 07:49
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Topic: Deutsche Söhne des Imperators!
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Re: Deutsche Söhne des Imperators!

Savij sieht man auch überall :D