I shall stay true to the Emperor!

Librarian! Introduce yourself here!
Brother Aries
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I shall stay true to the Emperor!

Post by Brother Aries » 22 November 2016, 11:55

For the Emperor, battlebrothers!

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Brother-Librarian Aries. I have dedicated my life to the Chapter for centuries. I have also investigated reports of Fallen Angels. Unfortunately I did not had any success in apprehending the Fallen Angels I was going after. They undoubtely had the vile forces of Chaos for help.

But, even though the Fallen are our utmost priority, we must still remember we are still Space Marines and we have sworn loyalty to the Empire Of Man to protect it. We have sworn to the Emperor we shall die if nessecary if this means the Empire will prevail.

Now that we have received report of a spacehulk appearing from the Immaterium we must investigate. If at all possible we must retrieve any and all relics left behind all these thousands of years ago. There are also reports of Xeno presence on this spacehulk. The Xenos shall perish while we perform our holy and sacred duty.

For as long as we stay true to the Emperor and most importantly to ourself, we shall prevail! Let the Xenos burn, let faith guide your weapons!

The Emperor protects!

*Hello everyone. :)

I must apologize. I couldnt resist on creating this invigorating piece of text... xD
Ever since I knew of Warhammer 40K I have been interested in this universe.
My introduction into warhammer was Dawn of war 1 from Relic/THQ. As it was for many others.
I have also been waiting for a FPS game in the warhammer 40K universe. Many years ago you had Firewarrior but that wasnt received very well, and I also never played it.
But then I found out about Spacehulk: Deathwing and I said to myself; Well well, this could be interesting.
And so, here I am.

I hope to meet other Battlebrothers in game. Be they Librarians, or battlebrothers or even other chapters; we are all Space Marines! :)

Apros Calvariae
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Re: I shall stay true to the Emperor!

Post by Apros Calvariae » 22 November 2016, 21:59

Welcome battle brother, may you find the heretics you seek when they least except you.

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