No Brother Left Behind!

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No Brother Left Behind!

Post by FieldSmith » 24 November 2016, 21:51

Greetings, I am FieldSmith, a supporter of Warhammer games. Got to say that I've just tried the Open-Beta and I have things I absolutely love about the game, and things I'd rather see improved. I love the art and design, and the AI is great, but on the other hand there are a lot of bugs and problems I have noticed within the first few hours of the open-beta being released. Hope they fix most of the problems stopping me from enjoying a nice bloodbath with my battle brother(s). Anyway, I'm a supporter of the game non the less and want to see this game succeed, because I'd want to play this game almost every day, because this is the kind of Warhammer game I've been waiting for over a decade. Let's just wait patiently and think hopeful thoughts.

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Re: No Brother Left Behind!

Post by SirSlaughter » 02 December 2016, 09:39

Welcome aboard brother Cat
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