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Greetings from Brother Peacemaker

Posted: 18 March 2017, 22:51
by Peacemaker
Greetings. I am Brother Peacemaker. I am looking for like minded Brothers in the fight against pure alien evil...

It seems that the landing points for assault are all encrypted disabling me from joining in the fray and the free servers are painfully few. I wish to do my part for the Emperor.

Perhaps I will create a landing point if other Brothers of similar standing wish to join?

About myself... I am an older Brother who was there from the early days when such escapades where just ideas on board with stick figures. It is glorious to now don the armour and engage in the cleansing once again!

(and for those who don`t get I`m looking for servers and others to join in battles in SpaceHulk, Deathwing! My moniker is Peacemaker523.) :D