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Post by imoneoldfart » 17 December 2016, 03:40

MJSkube wrote:Will there be options to be other chapters, for example Ultramarines and Space Wolves?
I can give you one reason why this should not ever happen.


This game is about the Deathwing exploring the hulk, the first company of the Dark Angels chapter. Not the first company of the Ultramarines, Blood Ravens, Chrimson Fist, ect... So they should not add in other chapters and instead the team should focus on what the deathwing is doing in the hulk.

What is the point of having deathwing in the title if you are not going to use them and only them?

Maybe add more missions in later about what other teams are doing on other ships in the hulk, thier time exploring before the hullk was destroyed? Maybe some fallen have been spoteted and you are hunting them across the hulk, or a team trying to get some guns onlike to showdown the bioships that on on the way to get the genesteelers?

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