We are Librarians, these are our stories

Share your stories about the Space Hulk and your battles.
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We are Librarians, these are our stories

Post by Malathus » 20 November 2016, 14:32

I am Brother Librarian Dracos Tsu'gan of the Salamanders Chapter, reporting for duty

Now, perhaps it is my gene-bred sentimentality and tendency to act more human than other Astartes that leads me to say this, but I believe in our backstories, our memories, our personalities and our individuality, for though we are legion, we are still brothers!

As such I believe that we should have a thread for our own creation and detailing of our Librarians, who we are, our personalities, memories and backstories, somewhere where we may share details of ourselves and our experiences with others, a place to be a Librarian in our duties away from battle where we may detail our characters for possible RP purposes, writing practice or merely for the fun and sharing experience that it is, all those who share my thoughts, please detail yourselves below. Thank you.

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Chaplain Hadrien
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Re: We are Librarians, these are our stories

Post by Chaplain Hadrien » 21 November 2016, 00:20

I am The Chaplain Hadrien from the Black Templars chapter, Amadeus Crusade, segmentum Obscurus.
I command with the Seneshal Schrödinger a Crusade of 67 Templars, among them 15 Sword Brethren.
And I am here to deny your rights as a Witch, you shall not even have the right to speak in this kind of noospheric thread.

We will see who will be the best to purge the Ophidium Gulf, but you will never take it from us.

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