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User Warhammer Background

Post by Daenyathos » 13 October 2013, 23:55

I'm going to assume that the Background board is to talk about the either the backgrounds of the users or of the game itself (lore etc.) So I'm gonna tell everyone my background in the Warhammer 40k universe.

I'm a pretty new to Warhammer 40k. Joined a few years ago with Dawn of War and have been played all of its expansions, plus Dawn of War 2 and its expansions, plus Space Marine. I've gotten into the novels and just a few weeks ago purchased my first model kit(ironically enough it's a set of Dark Angels). My painting hand isn't steady yet and I'm still trying to get down the fundamentals of gameplay, but I'm hoping to build an army and play at my local Games Workshop.
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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by GarvielLoken » 14 October 2013, 19:13

Started out with the DoW series, then moved into the fluff. Don't care much for TT, too expensive and time consuming for me. Video games and books for me. I've read most of the 40k books at some point or another.

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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by Lorgar » 17 October 2013, 00:41

I was intruduced to Warhammer 40k by my friends, when i was 6 years old. Im 20 next month, so been into it quite abit of time although i had a break for a year or two when i was around 15. I have never really played the Tabletop game, im more into collecting and painting them. Mostly because they are quite expensive now, and i can never pick an army and stick with that. I see a model from another army i want to paint, and end up buying that. So getting an army is hard :D

I'v played most 40k games, and started reading the novels and comics 3 years ago. I had no idea there where books beyond the Codexes untill then :o

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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by Dark Knight » 17 October 2013, 01:48

I was introduced to the grim darkness of the 41st millennium when I was six years old. My older brother used to bring back Space Marines and paint them in his room. I used to ask him about it and I remember being enthralled by the stories of mankind versus extinction and the massive but still expansive lore. A years later I read Space Wolf by William King and I decided to start a SW army.

Been in love ever since. :D

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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by GarvielLoken » 23 October 2013, 18:02

had not heard that story knight. interesting.

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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by WolfKing144 » 10 February 2014, 21:34

My Uncle owns part of a store in Lexington Ky, USA called the Rusty Scabbard and it sells justabout anything u can think of gaming Focusing on Warhammer and Warhammer 40k and I grew up enthralled by everything he was into he has a 33000+ point Eldar Army
Dark Eldar, Spacemarines, Orks, and Imperial Guardarmies in the single digit thousands
Warhammer he has Dark Elves mostly and Chaos and Chaos dwarves
but he had everything he got me into BattleTech Robotech MechWarrior and video games of all types I remember the old Warhammer Epic Video game and the Dark millennium videogame feturing the Ultramarines u name it and he has it Mordheim Gorka Morka Sapcehulk Battle Fleet Gothic
My dad plays Dwarves and Empire
I have all the DOW games and Expansions
I have All the Gotrek And Felix Novels
I Have all but a few Of the Space Wolf Novels and William King is my Favorite Author
I have All the Ultramarine Novels and one of McNeil' s Iron Warriors novels
I have all of the Salamander novels and the first soul drinkers omnibus
I have a few of the Gaunts Ghosts novels and have read one Mallus Darkblade novel
and the Gav Thorpe Dwarves Collection
I am also a fan of the Drizzit Do'Urden Novels by R.A Salvatore and love the Wheel of Time Books by Robert Jordan may he rest in peace
as u can see ive live eaten and breathed Warhammer and the like but sadly ive never played the table top version but imm building an Army to use as both a SpaceWolves (my fav Chapter) and a Standard Codex Chapter they will be Black and Red and will be called the Thunder Wolves or Death/Dread Wolves if u all can hellp me decide lol id appreciate it the symbol is Ragnar Blackmanes great company Symbol with a Lightning bolt in the background
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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by Aurelian » 03 May 2014, 22:58

I was introduces by a Friend and after a half year placement in some company where I had nothing to do and spend my time on the Lexicanum and teh Warhmmer 40.000 Wiki I had read most of the articles and decided the Fluff was pretty good for a Sci-Fi verse and absolutely suited my taste in dark and gritty stuff to a degree where it can be really GRIMDARK!

After that I ordered a lot of the novels and while I enjoyed some, I disliked others. I own the entire Gaunts Series with its spin-offs, the Eisenhorn and Ravenor series and the already released novels of the Horus Heresy and Battle Novels Series. I once owned the Soul Drinkers and Ultramarines but I sold them to a friend because I dont like them, for they are simply over the top. Imho comparing the Battlenovels and the Ultramarine Novels is like comparing some awesome Battlefield Tale to a teenagers power fantasy. I do also own the Grey Knights series but more for the sake that they are my Tabletop Army and the fact that the Novels are not that bad as the new Codex. Beside that I have some other Novels that are not specific to any series (yet).

As you might have read I am also playing the Tabletop with a 2000 Point army of Grey Knights and play the FFG PnPs Dark Heresy, Only War and Black Crusade. So yea, WH40k is a huge hobby for me and some of my friends.

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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by DarknessKnight » 02 June 2014, 02:20

Dammit im old... Been in the hobby since 1993, got hooked when i saw Space Hulk in the cover of a gaming magazine that i used to buy when i was 15 years old, was mesmerized with the artwork that was part of the game. Soon after i got Space Hulk through a friend of my dad's from the Airforce that got a copy for me from the USA (i live in Portugal, Europe. At that time games werent that easy to purchase it was mid 90's.) When i got into the IP i was caught in the web, just couldnt get enought of the lore. Didnt eat my lunch money and my allowance so that i could buy paints and miniatures which got me in trouble with my mother several times to the point that she threatened to give away my minis if i didnt eat at school. At the time i had about 1500 points of an army of Ultramarines (when they were flawed and cool not the Ward kind.)

I was called for mandatory army service in 96 and entered the Army in 98, got out in 2007. During this time i purchased about 80 books of WH40k. I'm now at 150ish with the Complete set of Horus Heresy (to date). Currently i'm re-reading one of my favorite books, the Brothers of the Snake by one of my favorite authors Dan Abnett. I missed gaming wise Space Crusade, Chaos Gate, and Firewarrior. everything else i own or played at one point.

In a personal note, i've lost 3 of 4 of my beloved hobby IP's this year with that abomination that is Mechwarrior Online (Battletech), the extinction of Lucasarts and its sale to Disney (Star Wars) and the destruction of Star Trek for the mainstream quota of the month by J.J. shouldhavediedyoungabrams. But 40k wise this year looks damn good!

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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by Jaguar-Lord » 29 June 2014, 13:11


i'm playing W40 since early 90', before this i used to play Warhammer Battle TT and got extensive collection of metal miniatures dating back from the mid 80's. Since college i never stop playing TT RPG, reading books and drawing concept art for TT rpg. I've been a game master for TTRPG Dark Heresy since it's first edition release and currently i'm deep into modding Dawn of War video game to give birth to the first linear campaign based on the inquisition W40k background developed by Dan ABNETT since Dark Crusade.
this modding works takes all of my free time and i'm always roaming the internet to keep a close watch on my favorite universe.
The DeathWing video game caught my eyes a few month ago but the summer trailer decided me to register to this place.

Keep going devteam !! you are doing a great job and i really like your work.


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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by sbseed » 23 February 2015, 16:05

DarknessKnight wrote:Dammit im old...!
i feel that one, if i had the money for the original table top versions of the game i would have been playing that for the past however many years instead of just DnD (which dominated my idealistic dreams, meaning both!)
am 30+ now, so i was around when people started playing WH40K and the other version of warhammer, DnD was still young then too.

i was only ever able to read some of my friends (more like acquaintances) codex books and get the rare look at the gameplay books... it wasn't till after i was in a car accident (on the job no less, doing medical transport... the irony is thick) and wasn't able to do much of anything anymore that i finally was able to play some DoW PC game, and then DoW 2... and imminently disappointed that there were so few computer games for WH40K, then when space marine was announced and released the perfect game to showcase how awesome the tabletop game was, instead we got a THQ release EA style (which pissed me off no end)...

for those who like space marine, more power to you... the game was off on so much stuff (must control rage), that i almost through my monitor against the wall.

anyways!!!, i am hoping this will be some sort of redemption for the digital game versions of WH40k... not going to hold my breath at this point tho, specially since the IP has been whored out all over the place by GW.

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