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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by DukeLuke » 27 March 2015, 12:17

I first joined the game via Dawn Of War: Dark crusade during year 2 (8 years old), I was introduced by my best friend - Ethan - (He was my only friend at this point in time), I spent hours in the game, I liked the fact i could dominate my enemy or get dominated. When I was in year 6 (12 years old) I found a game called Warhammer 40K I bought the assault on black reach starter kit to start my collection I introduced Ethan and two new friends (Jack and Alistair) Ethan never joined the franchise but kept with DOW and Alistair who never had much care for ether of the games didn't play ether but Jack decide he would start playing at the end of primary school Jack moved away and Alistair turned into a Douche (I only realized this when I reached high school) now I'm in year 11(16 years old) and have brought many people into the franchise and met many people who have already been part of the 40K universe

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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by Necroledo » 12 June 2015, 22:28

My first contact with the Warhammer 40,000 universe was DoW: Dark Crusade. I started going to a cybercafe with some friends -we were roughly 13 yeards old- and we played multiplayer matches.

During that time I was quite reluctant to anything violent on games or movies, but that game had... something. I was really liking the universe it presented. When I discovered it was actually a "simple" videogame after a big franchise, I investigated more. What I found was to be the science fiction universe that accompanied me through my teenager stage until now, 21 years old. At the same time so grimdark, so epic, so glorious, so deep and even so funny. It did influence how I am today: my way of thinking, my other favourite fiction works. Needless to say, I'm no longer reluctant to some blood and gore in a game.

I played... well, all W40k videogames out there, excepting the ones older than DoW or Fire Warrior. I red many novels: Horus Heresy, Iron Warriors series, Night Lords series... I also got a medium sized Iron Warriors army, although I've slowly left the tabletop due to its (exagerated) cost. Recently, I'm so glad to see so many W40k games being developed -Space Hulk, Eternal Crusade, Eisenhorn, Battlefleet Armada...- and I can't wait to play them.

About Space Hulk, the TT game never interested me, but I did like the core of the gameplay and even got Space Hulk: Ascension (which is quite good!). Now, I have a SH: Deathwing wallpaper on my laptop and I can't wait to be a Space Marine Terminator in a first person shooter! :D

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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by Apothecarion Sean » 29 July 2015, 21:38

I got introduced to 40K by roundabout of being invited to play Dark Heresy with a group that sitting next to me. I was supposed to be meeting a group called the Nerdery and nobody showed up. I went over to the RPG group and asked if I could play. Well, I was invited in and it turns out the GM was going to ask me anyways. I struck up friendship with the entire group and especially bonded with one of the players. I had noticed some 40k battles being played In the gameroom next door. I asked my new buddy Nate about it and he invited me to come watch. Well, I started to play, controlling some of his forces till I got a better grasp of the game and could afford to start building up my own army. I ended up striking up another close friendship with a guy named Jordan who became another close friend. So now, I play these two at least once a week if not more. I also found out 40K helps me to focus and better deal with my autism, anxiety,depression, and ADD.

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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by Umbra Leos » 04 October 2015, 22:03

My experience with 40K began long long ago when I was very young. As such things like Chainswords and bolters were instilled into my mind along with the classic silloute of the old school times before lore was so well set. However I didn't have much of a good teacher for some time and so the confusing back and forth as a child figuring how I saw this awesome thing of sci fi, and the fantasy Warhammer bit I came across more often, became a confusion. That perhaps I didn't know what I was looking for.

However chainswords and the likes followed with me, and my affinity for large fire arms grew as I got older and tripped over some of it again in the form of the Space Hulk second PC game featuring the Blood Angels. As such my experience with the Blood Angels was considered my first real true experience. But then again life took me in other directions, again still not much of a teacher. It wasn't until about seven years ago, maybe 8, that I fell into a game of sorts that allowed user creation, and well decorated Astartes armor trudged past my eyes, and as such I chased it down. The person wearing it was able to tell me more, and where the franchise has gone over perhaps a passing decade that I had missed.

For the sakes of some of his groups work I became an in world digital photographer, taking my old photography lessons and applying them to software in worlds with lighting, angles, and the whole bit of artistic theory. As such I worked not for the money, but rather they were able to supply me with more knowledge, and education in Chapters, and further more wargear. In game I thus received bolters, armor, and that coveted chainsword. Power Swords were offered to me too, but more chainswords were my taste.

Time eventually came however to go my own way and follow other persuits, but this time I walked with an education and direction and later as I fought with another more combat oriented group, happened across a man I handed some realizations that 40K was present in other games, and with a second meeting he had himself a small group posing in the traditions of the Legion of the Damned. As time came it was more ideal to make a custom Chapter, and so we did. I learned all the more, but much further as I started diving very heavily into the lore like no other time before. My experience with the table top is small, but I know a bit as I began collecting rule books and Codexes. But I became a heavy reader of the novels, and further research into the hierarchy of the Imperium, and the many worlds of Astartes that were allowed further say in their traditions being that Space Marines had been established long before the age of the Eccliasarchy's founding.

As a Chaplain I was quite fond of doing more teaching, preaching, combat, and forging traditions for our Chapter. I've greatly retired from the combative 40K fields, but still carry quite a bit of it with me. The age of table top seems to be fading, but I've always looked more to the experience of being in armor anyhow. I'm hoping that this tittle's co op nature will indeed be all the more binding as sadly sometimes 40K communities can become less than friendly to some and it's backfired upon collective gatherings. Hopefully this will be a place that toxicity can be left only towards NPC Xenos threats and not fellow fans of the Emperor. Sometimes I can imagine that in the extremes of such behavior for lore sakes, it's why in part some of the Primarchs chose to disappear into legend, To see how Mankind in their presence in their day could be so bent and twisted into folding in on it's self, and that they themselves could be bent into such powers of ruin themselves and the ruin they could be on the cusp of bringing if they were to remain.

But perhaps I think to deep, and some of us just run into unfortunate situations that can plague big communities. Either way, this kind of experience I much look forward too because while everything else seems to give to the focus of slaughtering one's own, there is a truly focused drive to not just come under a banner against the enemy but in actuality promote hostility towards their fellows, but a real genuine focus of Mankind vs an Alien that truly has no remorse and seeks nothing short of annihilation as it eats everything in it's path.

Anyhow, that's a bit about my background and experience with 40K as it's spotted it's self throughout my life. And perhaps a little then some!

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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by Silkz » 16 June 2016, 08:13

Hello folks,

My first experience with 40K was long, long ago in the late 80s, early 90s. I cant recall exactly the year. I should say my first experience was with Games Workshop and that includes the fantasy Warhammer and various boardgames, short stories and the magazine White Dwarf.

I started playing the Warhammer Fantasy Role-playing game with a couple friends. I instantly fell in love with it and was enthralled with the lore and the little models. I tried my hand at painting and quickly realized that it wasnt for all! To this day i strongly dislike assembling and painting, so I luckily have a friend who happily does all of that for me. He is an excellent painter and modeller( he won Armies on Parade event several years ago and has many awards for painting and modelling. His work with Necrons is amazing! Anyways,( i go off on tangents very easily, my apologies) as time passed I got more and more into both fantasy and 40k. I have 4 fantasy armies: Dark Elves, Chaos, Orcs and Goblins and Lizardmen. I also 1 40k army of Necrons. I love everything Necron! lol.

As I grew older(I am 40) I got married and had a family so my time with warhammer became less and less. I rarely get to play a TT game. I do however play Vermintide as much as I can and have tried BFG and enjoy that too(although I am terrible at micro-managing in that game, lol.)
I am looking forward to picking up Deathwing and playing it like crazy. I also will be getting Eternal Crusade when it comes out.

I hope to perhaps meet and play with you folks here on the boards too!

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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by Jammy » 04 November 2016, 18:09

Well, i started 40k when i was fairly young, in primary school in fact, Catachan were the team to be! flamers and grenades out!
i then went on to play space marines (ultramarines and space wolves), chaos (iron warriors and renegades), necrons and tyrannids.
not all at the same time and currently, i dont have any physical 40k armies, looking at that right now actually.

i still own the original spacehulk boardgame and rulebook (and the models probably) somewhere ... maybe in my mums attic... used to play that alot. always wanted to know what kind of hybrid a space marine would make when a genestealer used one as a host but game workshop never went that far untill genestealer cults just recently... and theres no marine hybrids there so...
played thousands of 40k games, probably hundreds of specificaly spacehulk missions... cant put an exact number because i started young and played for many years with friends.

absolutely LOVED the video game adaptations of 40k, and fantasy/end times/ age of sigmar so far, mobile games not included as i dont use my phone for gaming, i even loved the firewarrior game that apparently alot of people hated.

read a fair few of the books, ragnars claw series, gaunts ghosts... the iron warriors series had to be my favorite of them all though, only just beats gotrek and felix but... iron within, iron without.

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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by Tasan » 04 November 2016, 19:02

Started out with fantasy warhammer table top in high school then got introduced to the 40k universe shortly after while still in high school, and started to get hooked onto it but couldnt afford models or anything like that, sort of drifted away till dawn of war 1 came out and got hooked back into it, own all teh DoW games, both 1 and 2 and looking forward to 3, started to get into the books and well i love the 40k universe, and ia m anxiously waiting to get into deathwing with 2 of my friends.
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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by Frohamm » 04 November 2016, 21:34

Started collecting Eldar at age 14 (2001), when I had my first job. Friend picked up Space Marines, and they had an Eldar Battleforce box at the local arcade. Awhile later, he picked up Necrons and Tyranids. I invested in a Blood Angels army, which would later be stolen. After that incident, I bought dwarfs for Fantasy, and have been collecting ever since. Don't have much time to play, but I enjoy piecing the miniatures together and reading about the lore. Lately, I was introduced to a local shop with tables and open play, from time to time. Been waiting a few months for a game, but they decided to do the Kill Team stuff for now. That and those guys play on Wednesday evenings, and I work third. No one seems to have time on Saturday for a game, as usual.

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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by Tysonm1 » 05 November 2016, 15:45

I started playing Warhammer when my mate first showed me Dawn of War 1 when I was 13. I had no idea what any of it was about, what were metal tin dudes doing running around hitting green things that could barely speak English? Then I got the game for myself and started playing Warhammer Mark of Chaos and began to become more and more interested in the Warhammer games. I tried collecting models but the price of them and the amount of time I had to dedicate wasn't enough for me, so I stuck to digital games and kept going on from there.

I've also collected a few of the roleplaying books for Warhammer Only War and its expansions and the starting set for Warhammer Fantasy. I watch and listen to Arch Warhammer on youtube whenever I want to learn something new about the lore behind the games and read some of the books. Currently reading the Gotrek and Felix series.

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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by Feuerteufel » 06 November 2016, 00:01

Been an Angel of Death since the second edition of Warhammer 40 K and as the Avatar already shows, a Blood Angel through and through, got me Spacehulk box shortly after the Warhammer 40K Box back in 1994. (You smell that? it smells like Victory... there is nothing better to see than the Death Company charging headlong into the Enemy and ripping them apart limb by limb.. literally)

Also played both Spacehulk: Deathwing (90's PC adaptation) and Spacehulk: Revenge of the Blood Angels. Especially being fond of the later for the claustrophobic feel and dread for blips it created.

I'm curious to see how they implemented the Background into the structural design of the Hulk.

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