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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by DeathGodMito » 06 November 2016, 07:55

I started playing the minis, though never played as the space marines. Mostly stuck to the Necrons. Since then, I have dived into the lore. Playing video games, reading books, and even listening to youtube videos. Soon, I plan to play in a Rogue Trader rpg with my friends. Though it is tenpting to play an ork, I might have to stick to human or Kroot.
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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by Luckblade » 06 November 2016, 11:59

I started playing Dark Angels back in second edition through to fourth and then had to give up playing due to life catching up with me. Started again recently when some friends discovered the game and have been interested in playing.

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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by Matej71_Hun » 06 November 2016, 16:06

I fell in love with the 40K univers in 1992, when I first read The book Inquisitor from Ian Watson.
Later I started to collect tabletiop warmies. With my friend swe made an RPG system for it.

I played with every game with 40K background. Some were good, some were bad. DOw is my all time favourite.

Now we playing Dark Heresy rpg with my friends.

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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by JLDyck » 06 November 2016, 19:54

I got started in '04 when Dawn of War came out, and transitioned into tabletop (4th edition) while waiting for more DOW games. I started out with a generic Space Marine army painted as Blood Ravens, before starting a Dark Angels army a couple of years ago when Forge World's Horus Heresy line was released (I prefer the old-school black color scheme to the green/bone one). I've played a lot of the video games released for 40K, but never got into the pen-and-paper RPGs like Deathwatch. I've read nearly all of the Dark Angels, Blood Angels, and Raven Guard books available through Black Library, and I recommend grabbing a copy of the Legacy of Caliban series by Gav Thorpe if you like Deathwing and Ravenwing.

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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by Ketzi » 06 November 2016, 21:49

In the early 90s. My favourite comic book store (well, the only one in town actually) always stocked several issues of White Dwarf. Next stop was Space Hulk, and after some hiatus came the computer game 40k Chaos Gate. Today I`m still playing "old" 40k (2nd Edition) and Epic, most of the times Chaos or Dark Angels (Spacemarins/Imperium for Epic).
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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by Kiogen » 07 November 2016, 12:00

Ok, so, since this is a thread for 40k-backgorunds let's see../

I played tabletop when it was still good, and read 40k books since I was a kid.

Well, after vidiya became a thing I played that as well.

Not sure if it counts here, but I also played/GMed some games of 40k roleplay (Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, etc)

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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by TheOrangeBaron » 07 November 2016, 13:42

For me it all started earlier this year, I knew about 40k but never really botherd with it. Until I saw battlefleet gothic armada, after that I looked up every piece of imperium info I could find. From the low guard to the noble dreadnought and inbetween. After sitting on the fence for a few weeks I decided to pick up the hobby with a friend who was returning to the hobby. it went all down/uphill (depending on the standpoint on TT :D) and now I own about 5500 point of dark angels, bit of deathwatch and a knight (which my mother made for me, she had so much fun she is slowly building up a ultramarines army of her own

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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by SHONENJUMPBOY » 07 November 2016, 18:11

Ah yes, it was a time back in the 2000s but I think it began in 2005/6 when my friend who was into Warhammer 40k couldn't stop talking about a game called Dawn of War. I was interested and decided to go around town to try and find this game. WHSmith who use to sell games were selling one, I decided to purchase one until my step father said "our computer can't play that."

But then down a street I noticed a Games Workshop store, I was amazed by all the painted models on the window and when going inside...people were painting and people were playing miniature gaming. I felt nervous and excited, the boss called Bop back then was friendly and asked if he can help. I explained about Dawn of War and talked about my hobbies and love to Manga (Naruto). And he directed me to some models, I can remember the most saying "so, you told me you like Japanese culture? Well, Here are the Tau! Sorta like Japanese inspired miniatures but I recommend the Space Marines since they're the easiest."

Then when Dark Crusade came out (I was able to play DoW and loved it) then my interests on 40k were high! It kept me going for 3 years for 40k.

So, I got my Space Marine Codex, a few Marines and painted them "The Emperor's Shadow Chapter" Yes, I was young then. But they played as Ultramarine rule set. Went there for awhile and greatly enjoyed my time there, met new friends and achieved my Iron Halo badge which I still have with my certificate and won an award for best drawing of a Black Library character (Dunk Hoffnung for me) and they gave me a limited edition Art of Warhammer 40k in a black casement box and seeing the book with golden edges. When opening the book it says "this copy is 133 out of 300" in hand writing. It was my proudest moment.

Sadly I stopped going after awhile due to lack of funds to keep me going and time, then what really hit the nail in the coffin was that I went into the store and told Bop that I couldn't come back for quite some time, I needed to fully focus on College. He was sad to see me go but wished all the best. That was the last time I saw of him.

I did go in the store a few times to see how things were and what's new, last year bought Warhammer Fantasy High Elf army (Spent (£100) and books and paints. This was in the End Times era. When I went back...I saw Age of Sigmar...basically...I was mad as hell, to hear the points system was gone, paid all that money for nothing.

But last week I decided to repaint my Space Marines into the Blood Angels, a very big work in progress but I am happy to be back. And now...I'm interested to see what will happen with 40k. Now that we have the Lord Inquisitor Prologue and upcoming games like this game and I'm actually excited for Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr.

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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by Luxey » 08 November 2016, 04:56

I'm still new to everything relating to 40k...

I bought a Dark Vengeance box and am currently finishing the Dark Angels (Just painting the Ravenwing Bikers and the Librarian/Company Master) then I've gotta get my hands on the paint for the Chaos units in the box. So, this is gonna be a good few weeks more...

I bought and read a copy of the 6th Edition rules (On account of the 7th Edition book being so expensive) as well as the codices for the Dark Angels, Space Marines, and Tyranids.

So, I'm getting a handle on the lore and the rules. I already love the Dark Angels as a chapter (despite their fanatical pursuit of 'Fallen' that sometimes gets others killed) as well as the Tyranids. Both have interesting lore and some awesome force compositions for the miniatures game.

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Re: User Warhammer Background

Post by Panzer_227 » 09 November 2016, 04:20

I have known about the 40k universe almost all my life. My Dad started playing in second edition and played almost regularly. My Dad mostly played a Death wing army so I am fairly familiar with that army. I on the other hand played a Necron army for a while. When fifth edition came about we both kind of stopped playing because of expense and such but I have recently been trying to get back into the game with some friends here at school. While I was not really involved in the tabletop game a lot until recently I have been playing dawn of war maybe a little to much. Cant wait to start playing this game it looks like it is going to be amazing.

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