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Post by OrksRule » 05 April 2014, 10:44

So what do people think of this?

I'm SOOOOOO stoked at the sound of this. Though would be even better if it were Necromunda instead.

If it were Necromunda I'd have given up on any other kind of computer game and that would have been it for me. I could die a happy man.

However it's not. It's Mordheim and I'm still happy lol.

Anything people particularly want to see with this game?
Is there a different forum created for this discussion and I'm just cluttering this one without purpose?

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Re: Mordheim

Post by helmseye » 05 November 2016, 15:23

I love the game mordheim and would love to see what they have done as a computer game with mordheim to necromunda

but have to admit if it says GW i do just buy it..................... :D
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Re: Mordheim

Post by Scudmungus » 07 November 2016, 14:14

I found the digital version of Mordheim to be terrible - a 're-envisioning' when a simple 're-telling while making use of new technology' would have sufficed. It was clunky, obviously designed foremost for a console and just a chore to play.

However, I have a good feeling about Deathwing. It's pretty hard to balls up the prototype 'corridor swarm shooter' experience, at least when developed on the backs of the FPS genre. As long as they can key into the franchise's strengths (mighty manthings fighting impossible odds in dark scary places, empowered by ancient supertech) then all will be well. How to extend folks playtime after the initial novelty wears off will be another challenge, but hey.

I'd also love Necromunda, but done as a table-top simulator experience, with the computer taking care of the rule checking and book keeping, while provide sumptuous visuals and sound in the form of animated goodness and characterisation.
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