dem invitation things how do they work

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dem invitation things how do they work

Post by savoteemu » 06 November 2016, 11:58

so i aplied to the (closed beta) thing in hopes of geting me hands on the game early
and im confused how it works (like magnets)
and also how far does the NDA reach?

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Re: dem invitation things how do they work

Post by Robin » 06 November 2016, 14:06

I believe they will randomly / selectively pick people that fit their profile best, if you get picked you'll get an email describing you were picked with more information and so on.

Then I believe your steam account gets access to the beta for how long it goes.

I read that somewhere but can't remember where I saw it, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

For as far as the NDA, it's just like any other Non-Disclosure Agreement, you just don't talk about it. You don't disclose any information about it to anyone. I'd suggest not telling anyone if you'd have beta access so you don't get tempted by them to spill the beans.

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Re: dem invitation things how do they work

Post by TheWalkingDerp » 06 November 2016, 16:15

You get a message with a steam key for a beta client afaik and access to a beta subforum. As for the NDA I'd assume there will be a detailed one if you actually get picked. I personally don't ever read NDAs and just don't talk about it at all regardless of whether or not I'd be allowed to talk about certain things.

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