Still cannot open game

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Still cannot open game

Post by Caeserion » 18 December 2016, 20:50

Hello I posted about my fatal error upon opening the game back when the game was in beta, with the Beta will not open.. I followed your advice and the game couldn't open and responded with that. I assumed due to the beta time ended I didn't get a response. I downloaded the full game got the error again when I open it. I follow all of the technical faq still getting the error. I did the same thing you told me about for the beta game by adding the game to my nvidia graphics card and still got the same error.

I decided to try disabling my integrated graphics card and when I tried to start the game I got DX11 level 10.0 is required to run this game. I went back and followed the direct X update and still get the same error and if I enable my integrated card I go back to getting the fatal error issue again. I don't know what to do any more any help would be appreciated. I'm completly out of ideas.

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Re: Still cannot open game

Post by Focus_Mélodie » 04 January 2017, 15:22

Hello Caeserion,

Sorry for the delayed answer.
Could youplease give us some more details on your computer setup and crash please? Your DXdiag file as well as your crash log & dump file would be really helpful.

Please have a look here to see how you can provide us with such intel :viewtopic.php?f=18&t=2634

You can help even more by providing a complete dump file after you crashed (via wetransfer for example) you can create from WIndows task manager: ... 230856.png

Many thanks for your help and support.


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