Performance Issues. I5 3570 with GTX 1070

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Performance Issues. I5 3570 with GTX 1070

Post by Sgt Snoke Em » 12 January 2017, 13:01

Hey folks, sorry if this is old news but didn't know where to post and sometimes the Steam forums can get cluttered.

Got this game and from what I've been able to play its not bad. Problem is the frame rate of course.
Running on an I5 3570 (i7 3770k by weeks end), GTX 1070 G1, 16gb DDR3, Windows 10, SSD's, on a Gigabyte G1 Sniper 3 board.

My resolution is 1080p with 60fps as the goal (my Samsung 55inch tv is my monitor, amp for the 5.1, hence the 60 fps limit which I'm happy with :D)

Frame rate is fine, sitting between 50 and 60 normally (the odd drop into the 40's) until I reach combat of course where it regularly drops to the low 20's and becomes unplayable. Set CPU priority to high, little change. Haven't OC'd yet, will try that I7, performance issues show they're head whether its set to high or low graphics settings, 720p or 1080p, USB headset or GPU hdmi, haven't been able to clock it. I do have RealTempGT for CPU temps and usage, and of course Gigabyte's own monitoring program with my own fan curves (close to spec ones but slightly more agressive as I live in Australia and its bloody hot). CPU usage seems through the roof which is what I thought as the game runs beautifully, even on Max settings, until the horde or any Genesteelers come fourth. Which is a problem as combat is kinda a main ingredient here.

This game and Deus Ex: Mankind Devided are the only two games I have trouble with even on Ultra. Deus Ex will more than likely be fixed with that I7 with hyper threading, I'm hoping it at least "improves" this so I can play it.

I'm hoping this is a bit more direct than the Steam forums (and less toxic) underneath the performance issues there is a good game crying out to be played but I just can't get there.

Hoping this info helps with performance fixes, if its old news than sorry for wasting your time.
As I said, awesome game hidden in there for me, I just can't crack the performance issues.

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