[FIX] Patch 4 Beta Update- LowLevel Fatal Error - D3D crash

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[FIX] Patch 4 Beta Update- LowLevel Fatal Error - D3D crash

Post by Focus_Mélodie » 01 March 2017, 16:43

Greetings Librarians,

Announcement for Patch 4 Beta testers:

Despite all the patches and the improvements on the game, some of you are still experiencing a frequent nasty crash: the 3D device crash entitled LowLevel Fatal Error.
We're having trouble reproducing it and, therefore, fixing it. However, we've managed to provide you with a temporary solution while we're working on properly fixing it.

Please follow the following steps to enable the fix on the "nextpach" beta branch:

1. Quit the game if it was running
2. Press Windows + R and search for %localappdata%/SpaceHulkGame/saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor
3. Open Engine.ini with notepad (or similar)
4. At the end of the file add the folowing lines:

SpaceHulk_3D3Crash_Editor.png (43.84 KiB) Viewed 894 times
5. Save the file
6. Launch the game

To remove this option, simply edit the same file and replace SOSGPUSecurity=1 by SOSGPUSecurity=0

(Edit: apparently, we gave the fix a scary name SOSGPUSecurity. Don't panic, SOS means StreumOnStudio and this fix is only enabling an option within the game, it doesn't affect your GPU)

Please do not hesitate to share your feedbacks, crash reports and crash dumps to help us fixing it once and for all!

Thanks for your help and support!


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