How To Report a Bug

Report your bugs and crashes here.
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Re: How To Report a Bug

Post by BrainSurgeon64 » 27 November 2016, 03:44

First off loving the game so far and my game didn't crash. I experienced an odd glitch of some sort. Once I reached first destroy hive with the 4 pistons things you have to activate after activating 2 the game no longer registered my left or right click as well as my ability buttons ( 1, 2 ,3 etc). I could still chat and move about as well as look around open the map the menu's, etc.
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Re: How To Report a Bug

Post by krneki » 27 November 2016, 16:59

Another fatal error crash, second in 8 hours. I think it could be when the 4th player was joining mid-game not sure, although 1 player joined a while back and it was fine. I should also add that I was the host this time.

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Re: How To Report a Bug

Post by BrotherSpychi » 27 November 2016, 20:22

Here is my crashes reports

This game is awesome guys, obviously the game will need to have some content to maintain strong community background, also release the source code for modders so that we can create our own content would be great.

One of the most common bugs for me is when I go to inventory, then press M for map and I get stuck unable to switch back, only ALT+F4 works.

If needed take the extra time guys! I don't mind the extra time added and I think people can agree with me. Keep up solving issues!
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Re: How To Report a Bug

Post by Syngyne » 27 November 2016, 20:43

Fatal Error crash. Was in a game with two other people, just after shutting down the engine. Just outside the engine room, we were in the middle of a battle with a large number of enemies, and the voiceover from the initial briefing started playing in the background, followed by the crash.
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Re: How To Report a Bug

Post by Tailder » 27 November 2016, 22:38

Fatal Error Crash Report
2 players. Very Hard. Before 1st turret (near stairs).
We are, with Leader Brother, bring purify to all genestealers in location, shut down turret and then - client crashed.

Servitors data package attached below
Zipped SpaceHulk Logs
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Zipped DxDiag
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Re: How To Report a Bug

Post by Starbuck15 » 27 November 2016, 23:57

Game is fun when its working.

Only had one crash to desktop attaching files. Have lost connection to 5 matches in a row all midway at various points of the game. Completed one run but bugged out to a screen after mission complete, was not black but could not make out what the image was. Had to close game and restart. All levels were lost and I started at 1 again, maybe its supposed to be that way? Little of the way in explanation on how the leveling system works that in game that I can find. Last game crashed midway through while traveling between objectives not in combat.
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Re: How To Report a Bug

Post by LePython » 28 November 2016, 00:00

4 players
Hard difficulty
Was playing assault class

Our squad was in quite a large battle against a broodlord and surrounded. I died and then as soon as it went into spectator mode I think all the rest of my teammates died at that exact moment. The game crashed before I could click to spectate the next person.

Also dont know if coincidence or not, but had a paused twitch stream on a separate monitor, the channel got hosted and unpaused at almost the same time the game crashed.
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Re: How To Report a Bug

Post by Jyhor52 » 28 November 2016, 02:23

For all the people that gets both right/left mouse button locked along with the skills and sprint, its a bug related to a door lock, if you want to get rid of it, you need to lock/unlock another door.

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Re: How To Report a Bug

Post by Ardash-Cash » 28 November 2016, 04:58

Guys, games been good so far, however, out of the 30 odd attempts to play it I think i've only been able to complete it 4 maybe 5 times where i haven't had a server failure, whether that be hosting myself or by someone else. Although today, I've had my 1st full crash (been playing for 4 days now), and it hasn't been one crash, I've had 3, n I think a combo of me twice and someone else once hostin.

Anywho, below is the crash info n all that stuff (one zip, all info).
DxDiag (2).zip
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Re: How To Report a Bug

Post by surfimp » 28 November 2016, 05:34

Had a few crashes in the couple days I've played, always when playing online multiplayer with remote players.

When I play with people locally, as long as we stay on the lower 2 difficulty settings, we are able to complete mission 2 just fine.

Anyways, in the hopes that more reports will be of some use, please see attached:
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