How To Report a Bug

Report your bugs and crashes here.
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Bug Report

Post by seancrompton » 25 December 2016, 16:03

Spacehulk Deathwing keeps crashing
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Re: How To Report a Bug

Post by shedir » 26 December 2016, 19:59

Same as everyone else, games playing along fine (during campaign) and get a fatal error crashing out.
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Re: How To Report a Bug

Post by Seargent1 » 18 February 2017, 21:00

I had used the Scan function in Chapter 1 farthest hallway on the right from the start of the mission at the stairwell just before the bell room. I had used the scan function and it crashed, this was also in Multiplayer here are the files:
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Re: How To Report a Bug

Post by eltdrgntmr » 16 April 2017, 19:49

Got another CTD. The stack trace is in the image.

Reproducible in Chapter 9, right room.
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Re: How To Report a Bug

Post by Yeuropa » 18 May 2017, 18:00

Wasn't doing anything special when the bugs hit, sometimes when walking through a level, other times it was mid fight. The first two crashes didn't even give me an error message, things froze and I couldn't alt tab or windows tab out, so I had to reboot. First crash was casually walking around in chapter 1. Last two crashes happened in chapter 2. 1) Completed the 2nd objective and was fighting, crashed in mid-fight. 2) on my way to the southwestern most relic room, crashed in midfight.
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