Game list Servers don´t refresh. (minor bug)

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Game list Servers don´t refresh. (minor bug)

Post by Mithrandirkun » 15 December 2016, 18:42

I started playing in the launching day.
I'm experiencing reported bugs like no shoot/run bugs, crashes, delay/desincronization at loading multiplayer games ect...

The one i want to report is that the Game servers list don´t refresh very well.
Yesterday i was playing with a friend and he hosted a game, we were dropped by the game minutes after creating the group and we noticed that the old game name still exists in the game list even 10 mins after we were kicked from that game.

Dev team plz fix these annoying bugs and crashes, this game can be very great if the multiplayer works fine.

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Re: Game list Servers don´t refresh. (minor bug)

Post by cszolee79 » 16 December 2016, 10:08

Another guy was hosting a game, it was full, but the server browser said it is 2/4. For at least 20 minutes, maybe even more.
I was surprised I cannot join (click join, then network error) then he said they are full that's why.

This might be the reason for not being able to join lots of games that are reportedly not full.

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