Interface, weapons and IA bugs

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Interface, weapons and IA bugs

Post by Lecoud » 16 December 2016, 03:35

Played more than hour and a half in solo mode and this is what I found:

- Intro of the companies that made the game in blank screen, I can hear the sound but no image. Eventually if you hit enter sometimes it show them, sometimes its not. Can skip normally with Esc key

- Interface bug in weapon selection screen. Buttons in the right column has a hitbox of almost 1/3 of their size and located to the right, if you put the cursor in the left space of the button doesnt work or higlight the button itself, if you move it to the right you will find the functional button

- During mission in chapter 2, in hacking mode and controlling the first turret you encountered, was hitted by an enemy rocket and pulled out of the hacking mode but equiped with the default weapon, the Storm Bolter, instead of the Assault Cannon that I selected in the begining of the mission

- IA sometimes doesnt even respond to enemy fire even with a clean line of fire, noted specifically with the Assault unit equiped with a Plasma Cannon. This seems to increase when the enemy shoots at long range.

I7 6700 3.40 ghz
MSi Z170A Krait
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Windows 10 Pro 64bits

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