Plasma cannon projectile animation not playing

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Plasma cannon projectile animation not playing

Post by Matness » 08 January 2017, 00:35

When i play multiplayer with the plasma cannon, it often happens that the projectile animation of a shot is not playing. This mostly happens after a few shots in a row. The ammo counter of the weapon is charging and i can see that there is damage done to the enemy, but the projectile is invisible.

Proof: last (invisible) shot in the video
I did a few tests but the issue did not occur in singleplayer.
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Re: Plasma cannon projectile animation not playing

Post by cszolee79 » 11 January 2017, 15:08

Happened to me yesterday several times in MP.

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Re: Plasma cannon projectile animation not playing

Post by tmpwhore » 15 March 2017, 11:14

I also notice that sometimes the Plasma cannon "double charges"(probably same issue) so you have a reduced rate of fire. The cannon will charge up then you hit the fire button. Nothing happens then it charges again. Died a few times this way. Lag? Bug? You can see it at the end of the video it's not that you can't see the projectile only, it's not actually firing period. That's why I'm suspecting it could be a client/server issue. The client is firing but the server is not registering the shot being fired hence the server is not showing the projectile leave the weapon because as far as the server is concerned, no shot was fired. But on the client side which is real time, it shows the correct animation of a shot being fired and the weapon charging, hence you have a "ghost" shot. On automatic weapons or high firing weapons such as the storm bolter, or spear of caliban you would never notice one shot not "registering" because the higher rate of fire masks a shot or two not registering noticable. Only weapons with a slow rate of fire like the plasma cannon is it noticeable. This may not be fixable as it's up to the server to register the shots and I've noticed that some people that are hosting games have the equivalent of Cambodian dial up. I would love a ping meter in the server browser so we could actually get an idea of what server we're connecting to.

It's frustrating because you may join a server that's in a forgotten VC bunker complex on the Ho Chi Mihn trial, on an acoustic coupler 300 baud modem for all you know. As a fix I suggest everyone at least put where they are in the games they host. Ie "Toronto heresy server" or something so at least we have an idea of where we are connecting to, or at least a region, ie. US, EU, AS, etc.

P.S. for those that host a game try using the Plasma cannon and see if the issue still exists. Since you're the server yourself, you will have 0 ping so every shot should theoretically register in real time. See if the issue still exists.

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