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Sola Lodi
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[Infos] without attachments

Post by Sola Lodi » 15 March 2017, 06:44


Loving the game so far! Great look and playfeel. I am consistently having issues between "press [q] to start your mission" and the pre-game inventory screen during retrys. About 1 in two times this happens: it moves to the inventory screen after the chapter intro screen, there is no terminator model, and no mouse pointer. I try to click everything but nothing works. Additionally, it also looks like my (previous?) terminator suit loads into game...i can see the gun behind the inventory screen as well as any teammates as they walk around and look at me dumbfounded as to why i am not moving.

Also I am having a freeze bug intermittently, hitting esc sometimes helps, sometimes alt-tabbing. Its not a lag freeze, because everything in game continues on as normal, but my terminator becomes unresponsive for a while-sometimes the sound even cuts out! I have checked my drivers and everything is up to date.

Keep up the good work, and please make the game even better than it is!!
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Re: [report] without attachments

Post by Focus_Camille » 15 March 2017, 09:51

Hi Sola,

thank you for your feedback.
Can you please send me a screenshot of your inventory issue ?

As for your freeze bug, does it occurs il multiplayer mode or singleplayer ? At what frequency does it occurs (every game, 1/5...) ?
Also can you send me your DxDiag ?

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