Stuck Brother and FPS!

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Stuck Brother and FPS!

Post by Roibr » 14 April 2017, 17:22

In the First Picture, Assault Marine gets stuck there "EVERY TIME" i am not joking. i tried it a few times and its always the same outcome.
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look at the Minimap!

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In this Mission, only in this Room i have 70Fps. Everywhere else i have 30Fps or less. Not only in n this Mission or Chapter, but on pretty much everywhere. Some rooms are good, some are bad. Cant be my PC since i have 70Fps on some Occasions. DONT MAKE THE GAME LOAD TOO BIG CHUINKS OF THE LEVEL AT ONCE! MAYBE THEN MY FRAMES WONT GO DOWN THE CELLAR
(Used Autoconfig and lowered the Post Process to Medium!)
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