Classes, profile and difficulty ideas & suggestions

Share your ideas and suggestions for Space Hulk: Deathwing.
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Classes, profile and difficulty ideas & suggestions

Post by Lidojed » 30 November 2016, 13:14

Hello Battle Brothers,

I wanted to sum up my major ideas/suggestions(i will not point out minor things like not be able to reload while zooming and when shoot button is held, this is minor things to be polished)

Single player vs multiplayer
Single player is cool if it has nice story to tell and many people will buy game just because it is WH40k universe and very nicely done, but many more people will buy the game to share this amazing game-play experience with their friends. Therefore my suggestions will target only multiplayer, not single-player.

Classes and progression
Permanent profile vs one-time mission experience:
Terminators are most elite adeptus astartes and it is not quite logical for e.g. librarian to enter hulk knowing nearly nothing and during course of one mission develop lot more psychic powers, or after killing 100 enemies to be able suddenly to use plasma cannon. Therefore I would suggest multiplayer profile, where players lvl-up and unlock more powers, equipment which can be then used. As players progress, they will be then more able to beat next difficulty setting.

I would also suggest skill tree, where can players choose between different abilities, not just to equip newest things available because they are stronger - it is already there, as new things like weapons are not always better, but I thing diversity can be achieved by individual "perks" which can be chosen by player - faster reload, better weapon handling, better melee reactions etc. Something that will make player feel they are different and they are shaping their own character without going out of WH40k universe :).

More balanced xp gain. After I completed multiple games, guys with assault/plasma cannons were always at least double xp ahead, so I would suggest to reward also supporting, not only killing, where heavy weapons win, e.g. revive, healing according to health restored(some check suggested if dmg is caused by same enemies over and over, then no xp gain, so it is not abused by players, or some other way). Or xp gain according to weapon used - most xp for melee, more xp for storm bolter per kill, less for assault cannon etc.

I would suggest following difficulty scaling - greater difficulty, more dmg is caused by xenos. I would not increase health of xeno just because difficulty is greater, few shots from storm bolter should always kill genestealer, but with growing difficulty, I would make it more closer to board game or tabletop game, where e.g. genestealer has same or bigger chance to kill terminator in close combat. So easy will stay as it is, where terminator is nearly invincible even with 5 xenos around him and hard will be tabletop like, where 2 xenos near terminator means that terminator is dead or will luckily survive and fail was letting them to get close. Team-play will be also more encouraged by this, it will be more about not making mistakes and covering other brothers. This will be in my opinion achieved by increasing damage with difficulty significantly instead of raising hp to level where genestealer survives 10 bolter shots.

Best regards,

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Re: Classes, profile and difficulty ideas & suggestions

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Re: Classes, profile and difficulty ideas & suggestions

Post by SirSlaughter » 30 November 2016, 20:21

Good ideas mate
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Re: Classes, profile and difficulty ideas & suggestions

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Re: Classes, profile and difficulty ideas & suggestions

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Re: Classes, profile and difficulty ideas & suggestions

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Really excellent information.

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