Basic improvements to the game Multiplayer is a Must.

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Basic improvements to the game Multiplayer is a Must.

Post by B1ind » 02 January 2017, 18:27

Hello, dear players and game devs.
First of all, thanks for the good game, and real w40k feeling inside the Olethros.
Single player is great...

But Multiplayer in this game lacks content and could use some improvement without making new levels or redesign and so on.
Let's go for the most important:
1. Difficulty . Right now higher difficulty doesn't give you more XP. And increasing it won't bring more Tyranids into the game.
It just changes Tyranids armor and hp value and also increase damage taken by Terminator squad. This is wrong.

By increasing difficulty - gameplay must be more harsh with MORE Tyranids, not their damage and armor. This could bring you the feeling that you must lock the door behind you not to be overwhelmed.

2. Progression and unlocks - this is painful. This has to be reworked.
Terminators must have more levels and RPG like system have to be implemented. It's just booring to lvl up same four levels every game. Also this has to scale and compare with difficulty. For example - Nightmare mode available only to lvl 5+ chars ans so on.

3. Characters customization - is a must for every w40k game (this needs some graphic works).
Could be a DLC and people will buy it. If 2nd and 1st are implemented ofc.

4. Different game modes. This is a must. It's so booring doing same tasks again and again. Replayability is very low for the game.

5. Horde mode. This have to be in any PVE game. Your squad clearing the objective for the endless waves.

More ideas are welcome.
Will love to see more content implemented into the game.

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