A new Take on Claws , Hammer , Mace

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A new Take on Claws , Hammer , Mace

Post by Ancallagon » 19 February 2017, 15:41

Salut Devs,
Ave Imperatoris Brothers,

I think the Meele combat options always devolve into: GIT DA HAMMA. You might start with claws, soon realize they are way less effective than a shield and mace and once you are lvl2 you GIT DA HAMMA and HIT IT WIT DA HAMMA LOTZ the rest of the game.
I think it would be more fun if every of these weapons would enable a certain play style

Claws are a pretty weak tool in the armory and they shouldnt be. you get overwhelmed by the horde, or out dpsed by the big Dudes, against ranged Attackers its just useless.
And this shouldnt be.
Lightning claws should be menacing close combat crowd control tools like the thunderhammer but faster.
to enable this:
-add some form of Aoe damage into the mix
-add a special Heavy attack (à la shieldpush vs meeleattack) that can cause knockback/stuns
-if you are blocking ranged damage: apply way less damage and focus it on the arms

you can also emphazise the Assault class with:
-add passive perk lvl 1 even less damage applied during block vs other classes
-add passive perk lvl 2 that enables healthdrain on attacks, giving the tanking Theme a whole new spin
-add passive perk lvl 3 of 10-20% incresed attack speed

the drawback of the claws should be way less damage against heavily armoured specimen.

Hammer is by far the best meele weapon available in this game. (High Damage+ignoreArmour)x AOE
I would tone down the aoe of the Hammer but enabling also stuns.
This would make the Assault a meele sniper, picking the largest and most dangerous Targets, leaving crowd control to the Squad.

To be Honest, i think the mace is balanced with good Aoe and enough dps, it just gets out shadowed by the Hammer.
And the mace should be the middle of the road between the berserk claws and the single snipe Hammer while also enabling the shield.

These are only suggestions, but if you people out there also have ideas how to tweak weapons, feel free to contribute.

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