Assualt cannon and Vengence version tweaks.

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Assualt cannon and Vengence version tweaks.

Post by tmpwhore » 15 March 2017, 12:14

As it sits now the Assault cannon and the vengeance cannon are almost useless at anything over 25 feet in front of you. What you've created is a weapon that is basically a close quarters weapon with a lag time to actually use it. I don't mine the spin up, however since the effective range is so short, chances are you die or take lots of damage before one round has left the barrels. What I purpose is to reduce the "spread" by maybe 10-30% so that would at least give an effective range of maybe 50 feet which is still silly but at least it makes it a more viable weapon. Maybe make one of the lvl perks "stabilization" which would reduce the spread even further or just a one time reduction in the spread. The hacking of doors faster, while handy, would be better served on another class(like tactical) or make it another lvl to the perks. Here are some options to actually make the assualt cannons actually be closer to cannon, which in the W40K wiki lists the assault canon a "stabilized mid to long range weapon for high volume fire". I've been in the army and fired a C6 or M240 for our American friends from the hip holding just the pistol grip and the barrel carrying handle all gimpy like, and I had way less spread than what should occur in a powered multi-ton suit of power armour, manned by a genetically engineered super soldier. I realize for gameplay reasons you can't make it cannon as that would make it sort of a super gun with storm bolter accuracy with an insane rate of fire, but lets be reasonable here. Options:

1. Reduce spread on both Vengence and Vanilla assualt cannons by 10-30% across the board, keep the same perks.
2. Reduce spread on Vengence only or a combo of say 10% on the assualt canon and 30% on the top tier Vengence cannon
3. Reduce spread on both cannons with a passive "stabilization" perk at say lvl 3 or 4 or something. Lvl 2 or 3 will give you the fast hack on doors. Maybe have an arm flexing its muscles as the perk icon or something to show that your cannons, if chosen as a weapon, are stabilized.
4. If your terminator is stopped, then only reduce the spread as the terminator is "planted".
5. If you wish make the perk "stabilization" not passive but active. So say when used you get 10-30 seconds of stabilized fire.
6. Keep the spread but up the damage. This will make the cannons more effective but I think this is the worst solution.

Anyway you can use a combo or one of these suggestion if you like to see if we can make the assualt cannons a bit more usable. It would be great to have a sliding bar maybe in single player "test mode" to make it fair so people can find the sweet spot and report back to you what the best spread reduction is. You could also limit this class to one per team if necessary to make it more gameplay friendly or limit the weapon to one per team. So say you have 2 heavys on your team one can have an assault cannon and one can have a plasma cannon but not both. Or make the assault cannon a lvl 2 weapon, start out with redemption.(too limiting?) Or make it so that one heavy is allowed per team but I think this might be too limiting as well. The simplest fix is do a cross the board sweep, even temporarily to get a feel from the community what the "sweet spot" is. Or tell us how to mod the game files in single player so we can test it ourselves. I'll go through the game files myself to see if there are any weapon .ini files I can modify. You could also make it a server option theoretically called "Assault cannon spread" with a slider bar but I think that would be a pain in the ass when you could just make it one size fits all, and fairer too.

I noticed in the config folder of the spacehulk game there is an .ini file called "SHWeaponSettings.ini". Could this be edited at home for a test in single player?

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