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New Mode or a Revamp of No Mercy, what i heard from playing Online!

Posted: 23 April 2017, 21:47
by Roibr
Hy There,

From what lots of people said, while playing with them Online, the Game needs a change in either "No Mercy" or a complete new Mode.

The Idea is a true Mode, where you can feel like a Real Terminator!

1.Standard Genestealer can be shoot down with 2-3 Bodyshots on Stormbolter
2. Dmg should stay the same as in No Mercy, but Health should drop on Nids
3. Even more frequent attacks on Terminators. Especially Standard Nids "should be Spammed out by Game" all the time. They should be more annoying than be frightening in the end, but are not to be underrestimated whatsoever!
4. Nids crawling on the Ceiling when attacking, if this is possible in the Future...

* Of course Standard genestealers do less Dmg compared to a Warrior; or Stalker from behind, but coming in Swarms they can be Dangerous.

Since im on it...
*Higher Firrate on Stormbolters (new Mk...)
* New or adding the Psyker abillities from Singleplayer (even toned down)

Re: New Mode or a Revamp of No Mercy, what i heard from playing Online!

Posted: 19 June 2017, 15:04
by Irydi
Nice idea to be sure!

A couple of things, standard Genestealers have rending claws giving them the ability to cut through Terminator armour, if you are going for more realism towards WH40K lore then Genestealers should be deadly if up close.

Melta guns is another great idea with 1 flaw. Melta guns were designed to tear through armour / metal making them anti armour weapons, they have poor range and are really heavy. There are a few Tyranid strains that are heavy carapace which a Melta Gun would cut through nicely, none of which are any Genestealer strain which is why Melta guns are not found in Space Hulk or in the armoury of the Deathwing.

I personally would like to see it as it adds more variety to the game but they have little use.

Maybe they could add a no hud option to this realism setting. :D

I love this idea though and I hope it is looked at by the devs.


Re: New Mode or a Revamp of No Mercy, what i heard from playing Online!

Posted: 24 June 2017, 10:37
by Roibr
Yeah sure, Rending Claws should be deadly after a few hits. Of course the Bigger the Opponent the less hits you can take, like it already is. But the Dmg could be more on both sides, especially Terminators. You can kill Nids like Chaff, but when they send Warriors, Scythes, Stalkers etc, it should get very hairy, due to high DMG output of Nids