Minor Improvement on Hud and Chat

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Minor Improvement on Hud and Chat

Post by Roibr » 29 May 2017, 18:00

Hey Streum On ;)
here are some minor Improvements which would be neat to have

*Adjustable size
** Individual On/Off Features of HUD Elements

*Makes more sense in the upper left or upper right corner. Healthbars of Players block the sight. Can get very annoying sometimes. Since VOIP is gone. And the Text is barely readable
**Playercolor for written Chat and maybe even on Icon above Head. So there is no mistake in whos who!

*When Dying; You choose between "Continue" and "Fix it".
I fel that sometimes people dont understand what is meant. Sometimes you wait the whole Countdown because somoene didnt klick on the icon...
**No Mercy;
Says that it is a Honor to Die for the Emperor in this Difficulty... However when you actually die, it says "You brought shame on your Chapter". I know it is a bit Nitpicky but it would be sweet if it said something like, "You died a honorable Death in Service of the Imperium.... ". You will find something better than that :)
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