Command Wheel Orders; Tactical Protector; Plasma/Flamecolor

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Command Wheel Orders; Tactical Protector; Plasma/Flamecolor

Post by Roibr » 01 June 2017, 00:57

Tactical Protector Skill
Able to use on yourself with staying on the skill button for 1-2 seconds

Plasma/ Flamecolor
would be really REALLY cool to have optional Colors(like SH-Ascension)

Command Wheel Orders(Icon)
Specific Orders
*Heal said Player, like in Singleplayer. You choose a class or a Player which should be Healed
**Command defend is the same as Move to this Location. The Terminator doesnt specifically say defend. For some people not understandable... and there is no Icon on the specific Location. Sometimes you want the Team to Defend a certain spot, so its easier to survive or whatnot.

Ps. The Game runs damn good now. we just need more Content!!
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