Beta Feedback - With Crash Dump

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Beta Feedback - With Crash Dump

Post by RevenantBob » 23 February 2017, 18:37

Beta Feedback - Getting Better

So I installed the game and ran it to do a comparison with the new Beta Patch.

---Pre-Beta Issues (Single Player)---

Performance is abysmal. Specific locations of the map drop the play to a crawl. I suspect it is video rendering issues considering CPU is not maxed out nor is RAM during this sluggishness. Dropping all graphics settings to lowest did nothing to resolve it. Combat is impossible as the game just freezes.

Audio buzzes alot from performance issues. Crackling/buzzing/general unpleasant sounds.

I could even point out specific locations where the issues start and stop.

Cannot get more like 5 to 10 minutes into the game before it's too unplayable.

---Post-Beta Issues---

Load times are much better. Cutscenes and FMV plays much more smoothly. Game is actually playable (I was able to shoot my first Xenos now, this was impossible pre-beta).

There was still one or two freeze ups during combat, but was far better. Locations previously containing poor performance still had slight performance drop in this patch as well.

Audio buzzing and crackling much less, but still present during performance problems.

Noticed some graphical anomalies, rendered objects with "Phantom" squares around them. I can get a screenshot if it'd help developers.

Game eventually crashed with Unreal Engine reporting than D3D Device was lost and gave an HRESULT code. Likely some shader caused the device to crash. I'm still running it at lowest settings, and frame rate was decently smooth. I included the dump.

--- My Rig ---

CPU is Quard Core i7 3.2GHZ
NVidia 660 GTX
Logitech G930 Headset
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Re: Beta Feedback - With Crash Dump

Post by Focus_Karl » 24 February 2017, 14:05


Thank you for your report.
Glad to hear that you have better performances.
I've sent your crash to the devs.

I'm also interested in your preformance issues. If you could pinpoint them on a map of the level where you encounter them, that would help us a lot. You can take a screen shot of the map in the menu and add some notation on it using the good old paint. :)

Don't hesitate to screen/capture everything you see or hear that causes problem, it won't be lost.
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