LowLevel Fatal Error – 3D device crash

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LowLevel Fatal Error – 3D device crash

Post by Darknellor » 05 March 2017, 18:54

Hi. First i want to say that i have very bad necrocomputer.
In my case LowLevel Fatal Error crash happens extremlly often. (especially when loading the chapter or loading between the chapters)
I have ~45 crash logs from the time when the game was released. And if it help i can send every log. Because i really want to help. (And play the game without crashes ;) )
So about logs:
1) 7B06 log
02.03.2017 19.50.jpg
02.03.2017 19.50.jpg (518.71 KiB) Viewed 409 times
This happens only when i'm loading chapter.
Even if i set 1024x768 resolution and resolution scale - 0. And set in task manager high priority. (all settings set on low)
But if chapter loaded i can play pretty fine (except low fps) and nothing crashes.
~44 logs about this crash.
2) 8B61 log
05.03.2017 20.23.jpg
05.03.2017 20.23.jpg (716.3 KiB) Viewed 409 times
This happens today. Game crashed first time directly in game process. (chapter 4: when i come close to the little holo screen that must show information) (SOSGPUSecurity=1)

Maybe in my case this only way how i can play because of my bad pc.
But i hope (even if this is the first step on the road of disappointment) this will help. Thank you.
7B06 - happens extremlly often
8B61 - first time today
(152.64 KiB) Downloaded 14 times

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