give us more chat option!

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give us more chat option!

Post by bestan » 20 February 2017, 13:58

Played a game where someone had his mic open with television in the background and it was very annoying.

give us the option to not only mute ourselves, but also other player (each one individualy if possible). Display who is talking to help identify spammers.

And please give us push to talk. Some people may be living in noisy environment or just prone to talk while playing (like reacting to every action they make in game) and most people don't want to listen to that.

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Re: give us more chat option!

Post by Focus_Alan » 24 February 2017, 14:24

Hi bestan,

We are aware of this issue and very sorry about it.
Streum On is already working on it.

Thank you for your feedback,
Focus QA Team

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