[Known issue] Invisible Parts in Level 4

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[Known issue] Invisible Parts in Level 4

Post by Stormblåst » 17 February 2017, 11:24

This is probably what's meant by the known issue "Maps might appear incompletely loaded on lower setups", but in case it is not, I want to mention it:

In Level 4, parts of the level architecture or textures are not visible. Continued Singleplayer Campaign, ingame settings maxed out apart from AA off and PP medium.

E:\ I could not reproduce this error, after reloading the level it worked. But after hacking a turrent, parts of the level where invisible while watching through the turent camera.
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Re: [Report] Invisible Parts in Level 4

Post by Focus_Camille » 17 February 2017, 12:37

Hi Stormblåst,

thank you for your feedback.
We are aware of this issue which can randomly occur and the dev team has been notified :)

Focus QA Team

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