Generell Feedback to the new patch

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Generell Feedback to the new patch

Post by Ancallagon » 18 February 2017, 11:16

Salut Streum/ Cyanide / Focus

First of all thank you for your continued Support and a great Betapatch so far. I, because im lazy (sry), wil bundle all the feedback into this post and update it as i find more.

Win 10 / 64 Bit
AMD 6-Core 3ghz
16GB Ram
Gpu : Amd Radeon R9 200

One on Startup-> Updated GPU-Driver = works fine
otherwise none.

Chapter 1: No (other then already known) Bugs
chptr 2: no bugs
Chapter 3: KillDoor-Objectives still appears even if doors are closed
Chapter 4-7: Mission Objectives dont appear on HUD/Map for Players who are not Host
Chapter 7: Psyker in the WORKSHOP-75W is not spawning.->might be that a certain way of approach doesnt trigger (i backtracked from Airlock and entered Workshop from South)

A fellow player noticed that killing with the flamer grants no exp, might be in correlation with the "notshootingbutdisplayingbug"

If a mic is plugged in it will send. This seems to be rudamentary Voip (thx for that). An indicator who is speaking and a mute button and most of all a push-to-talk-key would be nice

Multiplayer Disconnects:
-3 using Quick match to enter a game -> might not be real disconnects but Lobby full/doesnt exist anymore -> would be nice to get a more precise Feedback
- Otherwise no crashes or disconnects so far. Hosting/or beeing hosted. I have seen People been disconnected due to Connection or Enginefailures

All in all im pleasantly suprised by the direction you are taking with this game. Loading times, stabillity and performance are greatly increased. Keep up the good work and praise the Omnissiah.
(give us more Maps/randomized enemy spawns)

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Re: Generell Feedback to the new patch

Post by Focus_Karl » 20 February 2017, 11:23


Thank you for your detailed report.
I've transmited your bugs to the devs.
QA - Monitoring

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