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Re: Gameplay First Look Trailer

Post by TheWalkingDerp » 05 November 2016, 17:21

Roibr wrote:If they release a Dreadnought as a DLC i would go into the Warp alone!

Imagine u get killed and get revived as a Dreadnought! :shock: Don`t know how it would work in a Space Hulk though!
I doubt it's very likely we'll see that for several reasons. For once I don't think a Dreadnought in a spacehulk is neither covered by lore nor by boardgame rules. Secondly I guess a lot of corridors and paths would be too narrow or tight for a dreadnought to maneuver. Lastly I think it'd be hard to balance.

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Re: Gameplay First Look Trailer

Post by Roibr » 06 November 2016, 18:07

Indeed there is no "space" in a Space Hulk, this is why i wrote i don`t know how it should work! supposed to be a funny statement!

Cheers m8
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