Community Announcement 16/12/16

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Community Announcement 16/12/16

Post by Velociraptom » 16 December 2016, 17:14

Greetings Librarians!

The Emperor is proud to see so many of you purging the Space Hulk Olethros of its filthy Genestealer hordes!

We are aware that some of you are still experiencing technical problems - be sure that we are reading your messages on forums and social networks. Our highest priority is to eradicate the remaining bugs and crashes – they’re identified and the most prominent ones have been fixed by the teams, we only need a few days to iron out an updated version before we push it to you guys.

Here are the issues fixed in the coming patch: the multiplayer crash occurring when opening the inventory, the potential input loss when interacting with a broken door, and the weapon reset after hacking a turret in solo mode. We are thus aiming at the beginning of next week for the release of this first update.

In parallel, we’re also working hard on performances.

As always, your feedback is valuable for us to resolve any technical issues as soon as possible. You can report your issues in the technical section of the official forum here. We’d also recommend consulting our Technical FAQ and Gameplay Tips threads.

While we do our best to fix the issues reported, we'd like to give you a few helpful workarounds that you can find here.

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