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Community Testing Update

Post by Velociraptom » 04 January 2017, 14:39

Greetings Librarians,

We hope you’re having a great New Year!

Our tech-priests have been busy at work preparing a new update for Space Hulk: Deathwing, on which we’ll soon release more details.
In preparation of this update, we’re happy to announce that we are expanding our capabilities for community testing. This means that for future patches, all players of Space Hulk: Deathwing can choose to join in with testing and help us ensure updates are the best they can be before release!

In preparation for this expanded community testing, we’ve released a small hotfix, containing the following changes:
  • You can now only match with and see lobbies from a version the same as your own. This will allow smoother and larger scale community testing of upcoming patches.
  • Fixed Gamma and Sound Options not being properly saved
  • Fixed host sometimes being unable to see lobbies after returning to the main menu.
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