Update 4 - v2 Beta

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Update 4 - v2 Beta

Post by Netheos » 01 March 2017, 16:50


Greetings Librarians,

We’ve just rolled out a new patch for the Space Hulk: Deathwing Update 4 beta!

This patch brings a host of fixes and improvements – we’d like to extend a huge thanks to all players that have played the beta and given us feedback. Your help has been extremely useful in the continued improvement of our game.

Find all the info about the beta and how to play it here: http://steamcommunity.com/games/298900/announcements/detail/521692792651407641

Please find below the latest patch notes, as well as the current known issues:

Patch note

Major improvements
  • Graphical errors on AMD GPU cards have been fixed.
  • You can now use Steam voice chat while in-game (game's voice chat is still enabled but we're working on it).
  • Several crashes have been fixed.
  • All usual languages are now available again during beta.
  • "Next teammate" button displayed while being dead now works properly.
  • Kill counter with the Heavy Flamer now works properly.
  • Blocking bug during Chapter 3 Purge objective has been fixed.
  • Fixed a blocking bug with the disconnected pop-up.
  • Fixed the class limitation breaking bug.
  • Fixed a bug when a server name is too long.
  • Various fixes on idle or blocked enemies.
  • Various fixes on the C.A.T.’s behaviour in Chapter 8.
  • Optimization on specific areas of Chapters 2, 6 and 8 and when performing melee attacks.
  • Fixed minimap display issues (Host's first map/Guest jumping in).
  • Fixed overlapped Bestiary and Reliquary buttons.
  • Fixed bad camera placement when replaying the tutorial.

Remaining known issues

  • The Escape menu crash may still occur (less frequently though), we’re actively working on definitively fixing this one.
    LowLevel Fatal Error – 3D device crash – this crash happens to be hardware related and is very tricky for us to reproduce and fix. We’re offering a solution for players experiencing this crash with this update. Please follow this tutorial (http://forum.spacehulk-deathwing.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=9020&p=16939#p16939) to enable the fix and give us your feedback – this will help us get rid of this filthy crash once and for all!
Voice chat
  • Still in progress, it should be operational in the next update.
Voice chat
  • When a guest's weapon jams, the host's weapon might also jam.
  • Player icons stay displayed on screen each time you continue to the next chapter in multiplayer.
    • Workaround: if too many icons are displayed, we recommend to restart the game or to play chapters one by one to avoid the issue.
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