Update 4 - v3 Beta

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Update 4 - v3 Beta

Post by Velociraptom » 07 March 2017, 10:42

Greetings Librarians!

We’ve just pushed an additional update to the beta, much of which is in direct response to your continuously helpful feedback!

This will be the final update to the current beta before we push it live. We’re now in the final stages of verifying that the changes are good to go on the main build, so please let us know any and all of your feedback as before!

You can read the changes below:

  • Removed permanent voice chat
  • Fixed some of the incorrect messages when connection to server was lost
  • Fixed network error received by the client when going back from themselves to the main menu
  • Fixed no error message displayed to the client when the host was using the button go back to the main menu in the lobby
  • Fixed pad picture not displaying the correct mapping
  • Fixed Look Sensitivity not correctly stored when set with pad
  • Fixed how inverting the look axis on pad and then changing the pad preset was inverting the move axis on the new preset
  • Fixed: escape key can be bound
  • Fixed Radar issue when coming from the tutorial
  • Fixed Crusader skill in multiplayer, which was not avoiding any weapon jam
  • Fixed possible crash when joining a Lobby just before the game start
  • Fixed crash when going back to main menu
  • Improved how warrior-strain and stalker-strain choose to focus the players
  • Increased timeout when looking for a server (should help people who cannot find any server in their regions)
  • Optimized explosion on Chapter 9
Thanks a lot for your continued feedback - watch this space for more updates on Space Hulk: Deathwing very soon!


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