Update 5 & Enhanced Edition

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Update 5 & Enhanced Edition

Post by Netheos » 04 May 2017, 09:59

Greetings Brothers,

The fifth update is now live for Space Hulk: Deathwing!

This new update kicks off the countdown to Space Hulk: Deathwing's Enhanced Edition for PS4 and Xbox One in Q4 2017.

This edition will add exciting new content and features for players who dare enter the Genestealer-infested Space Hulk – all of which will be included in a series of free content updates for PC players.


This latest patch focuses on more gameplay variety by introducing the Special Missions game mode to multiplayer.

Special Missions, which have been added to Chapter 1 but are coming later to every chapter in the game, bring a new level of uncertainty for even the most hardened Terminator squads. Starting a chapter will generate a randomized sequence of missions and Genestealer spawns for a truly unpredictable challenge.

We are also excited to share a glimpse of just a few of the upcoming features players can look forward to in the Enhanced Edition:
  • Full multiplayer progression system with loot and class customization
  • New multiplayer class
  • New weapon and skills
  • New enemies

Here is today's patch notes:

  • Special Missions arrives in chapter 1 in multiplayer!
    • Played in the existing maps, players must successfully achieve different objectives randomly chosen.
  • Genestealer variations have been added - more scale and shading diversity!
  • Apothecary cooldowns in multiplayer are longer if you do not have the Narthecium.
  • Narthecium heal cooldown set to 60s.
  • When playing a “hold the position” objective, you have to stay in the siege area (automatic defeat outside the area after some time).
  • Fix of a possible block when opening the inventory as a guest player.
  • Fix some rare cases of bad behaviour or pathfinding (stuck Genestealer).
  • Fix of a rare case when you could be stuck in an empty lobby.
  • Multiple graphical glitches fixes.
  • Multiple controller menu fixes.
  • Multiple GUI and menu fixes.
  • Fix of a potential blocking issue with saves created during the first objective of chapter 7.
  • Fix of a potential block occurring when loading a save at the end of chapter 4.
  • Fix of issues related to dialogues being played when loading a save.
  • Fix of an issue occurring during a dialogue with the slomo option.
  • Fix of an issue where the player was losing SFX when loading a save during a dialogue with the slomo option.
  • Fix of an issue when saving with a jammed weapon.
  • Fix of a potential blocking issue occurring when issuing many inputs on the inventory menu with a controller.
  • Performance improvement in the psygate.
  • Fix of a potential blocking issue when loading a save inside the torpedoes in the chapter 1.
  • Fix of a SFX issue after locking a door.
  • Fix of a bug allowing players to unlock doors without being near them.
Known Issues
  • Crash DirectX is still being worked on.
  • When joining an already started multiplayer game, you can see the partially unloaded chapter during 2/3sec.
  • If joining at the very moment host launch the game, you enter the chapter with lobby menu overlapping the game. (Multiplayer only)
  • If you try to join a full server, you will be connected to a different one with an available spot instead.
  • Some attacks on the hold position of the C.A.T in the chapter 8 will not launch properly.
  • When an objective is finished in multiplayer, it might stop the current action of a guest player.
  • Zoom sensitivity has been changed from the previous build, let us know what you think about it!
Discuss about the update 5 here:
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