Community Update 30/01/17

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Community Update 30/01/17

Post by Netheos » 30 January 2017, 17:07

Greetings Librarians,

We’ve been working hard this month on the upcoming Space Hulk: Deathwing update! To keep you all up to date with what we’ve got planned, here’s a preview of what you can expect:

  • More weapons in Multiplayer – this includes the addition of the Flamethrower and Hellfire.
  • Expanded class loadouts – each class has more choices of what to bring into battle!
  • Improved multiplayer load times – simultaneous loading time for all players.
  • Performance improvements
This update also fixes a wide array of technical issues and bugs, along with performance improvements, thanks to a recent Unreal Engine update. Our top priority right now is still fixing technical issues – we’d like to extend a huge thanks to all players who have taken the time to report issues!

We aim to release an open beta for this update soon. Beyond the upcoming update, we will continue to support Space Hulk: Deathwing throughout the year - including free content updates!

We’ve been carefully reading all of the community feedback on Steam, the official forums and elsewhere, and it’s had a huge influence on the kind of content we’re currently developing for the game. We’re eager to share more information about some very exciting upcoming stuff, so watch this space!

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Re: Community Update 30/01/17

Post by Gilambesh » 30 January 2017, 17:21

All sounds very good! Cannot wait to purge.

Any news on additional content or at least allowing a smoother mission format in multiplayer?

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Re: Community Update 30/01/17

Post by Roibr » 30 January 2017, 17:39

This is really GREAT NEWS!

Free Content :shock:
More Dakka for Multiplayer, etc. Can`t wait for the new Patch!
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Re: Community Update 30/01/17

Post by Brother Calgar » 30 January 2017, 17:48

Holy Emperor!
The game is gonna be even more awesome!
Flamethrower and hellfire what a great news ! i think it's gonna be a real deal to play with it on friendly fire haha :D
i can't wait to see all that stuff deployed with the fix for some technical issues, thank you very much guys, keep going!

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Re: Community Update 30/01/17

Post by Midnight » 30 January 2017, 18:12

Pls bring dedicated servers.

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Re: Community Update 30/01/17

Post by calicojack73 » 30 January 2017, 18:15

Any plan to make the automated turrets hackable so as to make them automatically fire at genestealers and not just me? Right now they are pretty much useless.

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Re: Community Update 30/01/17

Post by Bowmangr » 30 January 2017, 18:18

That's really good to hear. Keep it up.

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Re: Community Update 30/01/17

Post by Rioku » 30 January 2017, 19:02

Very good news.

I hope after this update, people give positive feedback to the game.

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Re: Community Update 30/01/17

Post by Aetla » 30 January 2017, 23:04

Thanks for the initiative and hard work dear devs,

I think i'm gonna wait until i see solid improvements on couple aspects such as:

  • Placeholder UI, Enviromental design is top notch and truly amazing but this UI for the love of The God Emperor is not worthy for such a good game, (Arial font? c'mon guys)
  • More dangerous, spontaneous and less scripted/predictable AI,
  • Somehow more alive team mates and even dialogue between with our brothers to give a better portrayal of being part of a squad a team. They seem like self operating automatons,
  • More interaction with environmental objects such as properly hacking turrets and such as Bioshock and SOMA minigames would be great to hack such objects,
  • And if it's possible more enemy types for Tyrannids/Genestealers,

Keep up the good work guys and thanks for letting us about the improvements, :)
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Re: Community Update 30/01/17

Post by GreySeer » 31 January 2017, 10:29

Will you finally address LowLevelFatalError crashes this time?
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