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Massive Repetitive FPS Drops?

Posted: 20 June 2017, 14:02
by Baron
So, I've been playing more recently after taking a break, and....I've been having some technical difficulties. When I join a game, everything seems to work save for some stuttering here or there but more or less it's fine. After playing for less than 5 minutes though, it's like my FPS drops to 1 whenever something happens. Someone fires a gun at something? 1 FPS, then when it's over back to 40-60fps. It makes the game rather unplayable. I've tried lowering the quality but it didn't really help, which is doubly weird because the game auto-configures my video/visual settings to the high settings so I figured I'd be ok.

My specs are something like
CPU- Quad 3.33ghz (i5-2500k)
GPU- GTX 970
RAM- 8 gigs for now
Net- 25-30mbs

I know I don't have the best system out there but...that should be well within the requirements of the game right? The only reason I have been running it on High settings was because the auto-configure told me to, and again lowering the settings didn't even help. Any tips on how I may be able to solve this?

Re: Massive Repetitive FPS Drops?

Posted: 21 June 2017, 08:42
by Rioku
Your rig is good enough.

Update your drivers and check.

Re: Massive Repetitive FPS Drops?

Posted: 21 June 2017, 17:17
by tmpwhore
Yeah download the latest nvidia drivers. Other than you CPU and RAM I have a way crappier card than you and I don't have any slowdowns.

Re: Massive Repetitive FPS Drops?

Posted: 22 June 2017, 10:34
by Baron
So I updated all my drivers, no dice unfortunately Though I do notice on the lower visual settings, it takes longer for the "FPS dropping/stuttering" to begin. On high after like 5 minutes it starts up real bad, on medium it was like 10-20 ish minutes.

It's almost like, how to describe this, like the video card hits this limit after a certain amount of time and is like "nope can't take anymore". Every time I look at something moving, or someone shoots, or whatever, it drops to like 1 FPS. If I look away from everyone and nothing is happening though, it seems to work fine, at least until I look at my teammates or something attacks/happens in game.

I'm completely dumbfounded by this.

Re: Massive Repetitive FPS Drops?

Posted: 25 June 2017, 18:41
by tmpwhore
Sound like a memory leak on the card or on your system.