Australian call out

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Australian call out

Post by Rugedeth » 08 November 2016, 23:49

Greetings Brothers , i am sending out a call to arms for any Aussie players who are going to play this (preorder or not) . Looking forward to playing coop mode with any like minded . Any and all are welcome!

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Re: Australian call out

Post by meatybyte » 09 November 2016, 01:58

Glad to see there are some other Aussie players planning on playing this game.
Hopefully there will be a healthy population going forward.

See you at the Teleportarium Honoured Battle Brother.

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Re: Australian call out

Post by darkmuncan » 09 November 2016, 04:23

Checking in!

None of my friends are gamers anymore... (they blame real life) so will definitely be looking for some Squadmates to punish the Xeno filth once my kids go to bed and I have time to myself :) (and the mrs turns on Netflix)

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Re: Australian call out

Post by Strikershade » 09 November 2016, 11:58

For the Empra Mate

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